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Friday, November 19, 2010

Monday, December 7, 2009

Ben and Kim

Benjamin Thomas Bertoch and Kimberly Loree Bertoch were born on July 21, 2009. Kimberly weighed 5 lbs. and 14 oz. and Benjamin weighed 5 lbs. 11 oz. They have both more than doubled their weights and are growing healthy and strong. They are quite the cuddly babies and love to smile and laugh. Now, if they would only sleep a little more at night. Ha, ha!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

How Do You Measure a Year?

A whole year has gone by and things have certainly changed (as they always do). Brady excelled in first-grade! He loved his teacher and has enjoyed learning all kinds of new things! He is an excellent reader and really loves science.

Bo graduated with his degree in Computer Science and has started a new career! He enjoys work and is continually learning.

I student taught first and fourth grades and graduated with my degree in Elementary Education.

We also found out that we are pregnant! We were completely excited and elated. A few months later, we found out that we are not only pregnant, but we are going to have TWINS! What a shock! Someone catch me...oh, that's right, I'm already laying down on the ultrasound table! The twins should make their grand appearance this summer! These are a few of the highlights from this past year. It really has been a great one! I hope to continue to update my blog more than once a year...

Friday, July 4, 2008


Brady tells us he would go fishing everyday if he could!

This was the first catch of the day! We think it's a brown and rainbow trout mix. It was a beautiful fish.

After we got locked out of the car, we decided to fish some more. Bo caught this brown trout and was pretty proud of it!

I took this picture because I think rocks are cool! It was a granite boulder with this interesting design. I couldn't tell you what the black mineral is, but I thought it was pretty neat!

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Our son is a wonderful blessing! He definately keeps us on our toes and makes sure we never have dull moment!

After putting the laundry basket on his head, Brady proceeded to tell us that he was a "basket head."


We decided to go to Disneyland for our honeymoon. We wore these silly hats and complete strangers told us congratulations all day long. It was great!

Marriage is Bliss!

Bo and I were married in the Vernal, UT Temple on December 21, 2007! It was a wonderful and memorably snowy day!